Our new and improved cafe is coming along quite nicely! Above you can see the texturized concrete wall with a fresh coat of paint. We are in love with the aesthetic of the room and can’t wait for all our friends to experience it as well. Facing this wall will be a set of couches and chairs to make you feel right at home while you’re enjoying a fresh cup of drip or your favorite latte complete with book in hand or doing work on the laptop.
Here is a sneak peek at the focal point of the whole cafe, our beautiful fireplace made from reclaimed wood that was gathered from an old home from the turn of the century, right here in the Fan! The rustic feel really pops against the forest green concrete wall on either side.
Above is a section of retail shelving utilizing the same reclaimed wood as the fireplace.
Subway tile and beautifully oiled countertops at the front register
Here you can see the marque on display from the original shop. Also, check out those lights and ceiling!