Adbibo Coffee Co. opened in June 2013 with a staff of three baristas. Dan, the owner, worked as roaster, delivery person, packager, manager, secretary, marketer, accountant, professional shopper and any other role that needed filling. In February 2014, M.C. came on board as a barista and showed great interest in learning about coffee and coffee roasting. She began roasting in December 2014 and attended roasting school in October 2015 at Coffee Lab International School of Coffee. Due to M.C.’s quick progress and ability Dan handed off some of his roles to M.C  who now manages all our roasting and production as well as wholesale inquiries.

From 2014 to late 2016, Adbibo built up many regular customers in the shop as well as a large wholesale following. Due to our willingness to try new products in addition to coffee, from crepes to soup to donuts and bagels we learned what worked and what didn’t. These few years of experimentation led us to hone in on what we feel truly passionate about, what we do well, and what we have to offer folks.

After these years of exploration and building up a community of coffee lovers and hard workers, we are focusing on what we do best and love most: roasting and brewing delicious coffee for all kinds of coffee lovers. Refocusing led us to rebrand from Adbibo Coffee Co to Roastology. As we move through this transition our super crew is hard at work to bring you the best we can offer and we are more excited than ever about what we do and what we give to our local community.


As always, thank you for drinking!
The Roastology Crew