We’re overjoyed to introduce you to our first direct-trade coffee additions: award-winning Finca Idealista Honey Process and Don Manuel Community Coffee!


Direct-trade coffee comes directly from the farmer—there is no in-between green coffee seller. This benefits the farmer in that they receive higher pay for their product, but it’s also a great option for roasters, because it gives us the chance to develop a relationship with the farmers who grow the coffee. When we get our coffee directly from the farmer, we can support sustainable farming, fair business, social initiatives, and the high-quality coffee production that we so prize. But most importantly, we build a relationship of mutual trust and investment with our coffee producers.

More information on direct-trade can be found here: http://imbibemagazine.com/direct-trade-coffee/


Don Manuel Community Coffee

Don Manuel and his wife, Jessenia, grow this coffee in Jinotega, Nicaragua at 1,400m above sea level. The cold microclimate on the farm allows for long and slow maturation of the coffee cherries, resulting in a fruitiness, complexity, and balance in the cup. Additionally, sustainable farming practices, like using worm compost, enhance the soil for the trees.

Manuel and Jessenia take great care in the harvesting and processing of the coffee. Prior to dry processing, there is less than 1% of defects in this coffee, which is an extraordinarily low number.


Finca Idealista

Located beside a nature reserve at the top of a mountain, Finca Idealista enjoys a cool microclimate and a lot of wildlife. The cherries benefit from the longer maturation period, which shows up in the cup as a sweeter, more rounded experience.

Finca Idealista endeavors to offer the highest-quality coffee they can. Workers receive meticulous training to harvest only ripe cherries. They thoroughly process the beans both when wet and dry.

The Farm invests in their workers not only through extensive training but also through providing the highest local wages to their employees. Further, the Farm reinvests their income into the community, providing scholarships, computer classes, medical supplies, water for schools, and other social investments. For example, the purchase of this coffee helps fund buying a rainforest to protect it.



These coffees are processed with extreme care and thoroughness. About sixty women inspect the beans in addition to light sensors, which prevents defects in the beans from showing up in the cup. In transport, the beans travel in food-grade packaging, which protects the freshness and quality of the coffees.


From Nicaragua to You

We couldn’t be more pleased with these coffees. They’re roasted and ready to go, waiting for your curiosity to get the best of you. Be daring! Stop by the shop! Grab a bag! Sip in bliss!



-the roastology crew